With plenty of work remaining, we welcome any and all forms of support and participation.  


We need your help for riverbank restoration through tree planting, invasive plant removal, trash removal, and resolution of river user conflicts. When we have a large project for the installation of cover and shelter structures, erosion control, and restoration of river dynamics, we need your permission for access to the river. 



We need your help with trash removal after heavy use times as well as river etiquette and education, and suggested float times.


Help is needed with scientific population counts and other data collection efforst and advocacy for respect for the river. Please contact us to get a list and maps of all our trout habitat restoration projects in both New York and Vermont or for a guided tour of the restoration sites and copies of our scientific river reports.


As we all know a river system such as the Batten Kill can provide countless opportunities for birding throughout the year. River restoration means a healthier ecosystem which in turn breeds increased viewing opportunities. Your assistance is needed in keeping the river healthy through trash removal, invasive plant removal, and river bank restoration.



Become a member/contribute to help us to implement current projects and to develop future projects to invest in the our river and its tributaries.


Please join the Alliance & its partners in both NY & VT to move forward with a science based program for restoration, conservation, & protection of the Batten Kill watershed. We are supporting the development of a Trout Unlimited “Home Rivers Initiative” for our river which has the potential to bring our efforts new resources, new expertise, and new progress.


We need excellent stewardship of the river & all its tributaries for the sake of aquatic, riparian, & terrestrial wildlife, & for the sake of the people who live in & love this land

& love this river. 

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