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Volunteer events Spring 2024

Good morning on this snowy Thursday. There are two volunteer event opportunities coming up that may be of interest to folks. These are being conducted by Trout Unlimited, with whom we have partnered many times. The first is the annual trash clean up. This takes place on Saturday, April 13. Hopefully the snow is gone by then!

The meeting location for this event is at the NYS Rte 313 parking area just west of the state line at 10 am.

The next event takes place on Sunday, May 5th at Union Street in Manchester, Vt. 500 trees, some of which have been supplied by the Alliance, will be planted. The meeting time for this event is at 11 am.

Finally, for those interested in learning more about the Battenkill, its rich history and the status of various restoration efforts, the Arlington Common is hosting the 3rd Annual Battenkill Fly Fishing Festival from Friday, May 2 through Sunday, May 5th. Trout Unlimited is hosting their Northeast Rendezvous in conjunction with this event.

More information regarding the volunteer events can be found at and more information about the Battenkill Fly Fishing Festival can be found at

You need not be an angler to enjoy any of the events above. Come out and give back a little to the watershed we love and have a good time in the process!!

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