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Krauss/Meyer Project Completed 2017

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Structures made of 6 whole trees, 8 logs, 24 tree rootwads, 36 slate stones, & 44 boulders have been installed. These provide cover & shelter & improve river dynamics through the creation of a deep & narrow winding main flow. This will result in better habitat through depth & the retention of wood in the channel.

This project was some distance downstream of the Eagleville Bridge off Route 313 in Jackson, NY. It filled in a gap of restoration because we had installed structures both upstream and downstream of this area in 2011, and we also renovated some of the structures installed then.

UPSTREAM SECTION beginning about 4,300 feet below the Eagleville Covered Bridge:

the long bank bench & the large rock vane divert the force of the current back to the center of the channel & create microhabitats through sorting of sediment & creation of deeper areas; the bank stabilization structures mitigate erosion & provide cover & shelter.

DOWNSTREAM SECTION ending just above the confluence with Steele Brook: the extension of six log/rock vane structures that were originally installed in 2011 will provide Cover & Shelter & narrow & deepen the winding central channel. A boulder cluster was installed for C & S, & the cobble beach was built up to enhance the improving river dynamics.

Thanks to CLEARWATER TROUT UNLIMITED & ADIRONDACK TROUT UNLIMITED for funding, thanks to US FISH & WILDLIFE SERVICE for Carl Schwartz’ expertise, & thanks to landowners NANCY CLARK KRAUSS, JOHN MEYERS, & ROGER MEYERS for their generosity.

Below is first a picture of the construction of a log/rock vane structure for bank stabilization, channel narrowing, and cover and shelter, and then a picture of a completed structure, although it is not the same one.

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